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The importance of having a trading strategy is un-questionable, time and time again it is shown that the traders that actually live to trade another day are the ones that have a solid, consistent trading strategy that fits the current market conditions.

A trading strategy is very helpful when times are difficult in the market and psychologically it looks like the market has something personal against you and your portfolio, in this times its easier to trade with a strategy that is backtested and proven to withstand high or low volatility times,its also helpful since its your guide in challenging times when you are bombarded with information, suggestions, and comments from “market gurus”, a consistent strategy enables you to filter the noise and relate to the information as it arrives, give it the proper weight and consider whether to factor it in or not without stress or panic decisions.

Where do we fit in?

We have developed dozens of consistent trading strategies, and have the experience to take a raw idea, verify that it makes sense and may be used as a basis for a trading strategy and then develop it to a consistent trading strategy, moving it to the operational stage where it automatically live trades the markets.

This process is constructed from a valid historical quotes dated back 20 years and even further if required, a backtesting framework that handles all the backtesting aspects and supports all order types,entry,exit,portfolio management and report generation, and then the programming skills required to develop a specific strategy and run it on the back of the backtesting framework.

Let us backtest your strategy

We can do all that and more for you in case you have a great idea for a trading strategy , we will backtest it for you and send you the results, working together with you to polish and re-polish the strategy until its operational helping you to bring your trading ideas to maturity while hiding all the development details from you allowing you to focus on the important issue which is the trading strategy , so work with us and you just might trade you great idea very soon !

Backtest Your Strategy