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If you have started trading and made your first few steps in this challenging domain you most probably felt one, or all.., of these emotional states:

  • You are on your own – the process of trading is a lonely process, you feel like you are on your own in the decision-making process, making and understanding the full implications of your trading, entries, and exits
  • You made a costly mistake, one that made a tie in your stomach – we all have to make decisions but some are more regrettable than others, some decisions looked like easy ones at the time of decision but horrible in the aftermath -this is when you swore to never ever do that again!
  • Frustrated by the market reaction right after you decide to go long or short on a position
  • Took the bad advice of a “market guru” only to discover that he is out of the stock he told you to buy

And the list can go on and on , the bottom line is that trading is emotionally challenging and you need to gradually build character to do it the right, profitable and consistent way, don’t try this at your own risk on your own , follow the advice of experienced portfolio managers trading the market on a daily basis with real money.

Where do we fit in?

We send you the recommendation to enter or exit and you decide whether to follow it or not.

We filter all the noise and make it an easy to understand order – you learn from it step by step so you may be your own advisor when you feel you have what it takes to actually trade with real money

We build the path for you by showing you, in real-time, what the experienced team is doing and your portfolio remains in your control,

So we are doing our best to teach you to be a consistent trader, join us to discover the next opportunity first and not last when it’s too late.