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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you affiliated with Alpaca?

    No, we are not affiliated with Alpaca or any other brokerage platform at all.

  • Can you pull money from my account?

    No, we only execute orders to buy and sell assets in your account.

  • Do I transfer money to you in any way?

    No, the money stays in your account at all times.

  • Where can I see the trading strategy performance?

    You may review past performance in the Trading Strategies section of our website or live performance in your connected trading account.

  • Who has control over my account after I connect it with you?

    You are the owner of the account at all times. We only have permission to trade assets in the account.

  • Can I terminate my relationship with AlphaOverBeta at any time?

    Yes you can. Without warning or any repercussions afterwards.

  • How long can I trade my paper account with you?

    Indefinitely and for free.

  • What is required from me after the connection to your platform?

    Nothing, basically. Just review the account performance from time to time.

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